Trudging around the sweltering concrete slab that is Brooklyn, the trio known as BOYTOY are here to remind you of soft sand, rolling waves, and ocean breezes. Emerging in 2014 with a ferocious live show, and a self-titled debut that caught the attention of fans and critics from outlets such as Noisey, Stereogum, SPIN, The Village Voice, Time Out New York, NYLON, and Rolling Stone, amongst many others, BOYTOY headed into the studio in Philadelphia this spring with producer Al Creedon (Eternal Summers/Bleeding Rainbow) to record their debut full-length, Grackle, out October 2 on PaperCup Music. The result is 11 tracks of no nonsense, rock n’ roll bangers, with three-part vocal harmonies, and melodic hooks galore.

BOYTOY was originally formed in 2013, by Saara Untracht-Oakner and Glenn Van Dyke, with both handling guitar/vocal duties. The two knew each other through touring via former bands, and shared a mutual love of both surfing and skating. They were joined on drums around the release of the BOYTOY EP, by drummer Matthew Gregory Aidala, whose laidback drumming style complemented the slash-and-burn guitar attacks of Saara and Glenn, infusing a different perspective into the songwriting process, and creating a truly collaborative band.

Of the writing process, Saara said, “This record is a full-on collaboration. Some songs came together just through jamming. Others we brought to the group individually to be fleshed out, writing our own individual parts. Everyone sings on this record, which is cool. Ultimately making a diverse record of different styles.”

Grackle was chosen as the album’s name, first as a nod to SXSW, as the bird nearly out numbers music fans and industry during the annual Austin, Texas conference, and secondly based on the Mexican folklore of the bird, called Zanate in Spanish. Having no voice of its own, the grackle stole its seven distinct songs from the wise and knowing sea turtle. You can hear the Zanate's vocals as the Seven Passions (Love, Hate, Fear, Courage, Joy, Sadness, and Anger) of life. A lot of the material on Grackle has to do with chasing away bad feelings, and not being able to get love from the person you want most to give it to.

BOYTOY will head out on the road in August supporting La Luz up the Eastern seaboard, with a fall tour in the works.

Praise for BOYTOY: “Stretch out on the beach and crank up your headphones for maximum effect.” - Rolling Stone “Catchy, fun and addictive.” - NYLON “BOYTOY’s debut ep slays with hooks galore, gushing with syrupy pogo-crazed riffers on its seven sun-soaked anthems, their bass-less tunes the sublime summer soundtrack.” – Village Voice “The band won’t be plahing small venues for long.” – Time Out New York “perfectly timed for the upcoming steamy months” – Noisey