Two Texans recently turned Los Angelenos, GAL PALS, comprised of Jillian Talley (drums) and Lauren Mikus (guitar), aim to create pop gold on their self-titled, debut fulllength album, Velvet Rut, due out February 24 on PaperCup Music.

Their efforts might be better explained from by the experts in this arena:

"Blissfully thunderous & streamlined garage candy that will turn sand to glass at a beach party or put your T-Bird into 5th on the autobahn." - Bosco Delrey

"GAL PALS have taught me everything I need to know about perfect pop & Wicked Lester." - Ben Tipton, Burger City Records

"GAL PALS make me wanna be 7 & naked on the beach. I wanna eat strawberries & cream, run in circles, & start a mosh pit with a bunch of sassy girls. They put a bounce in my step." -Kate Nash "Two girls, one harmonious voice; a powerful combination." -Miss Alex White, White Mystery "Hot! Sexy! And good cooking!" - Sean Wood, The Spits

"These gals are really something! They could possibly be the answer for all the world's problems...if you want it." - Ringo Deathstarr

"Take one listen and you are definitely gonna wanna be pals with these gals."- Cole Alexander, Black Lips

"Sassy, sensitive, smokin'- GAL PALS satisfies." - Ann Mikus, Lauren’s Mom