Lull is a shoegaze band from London that formed in 2014. Their sound is characterized by crystalline leads, that weave in and out of distortion, to create ethereal, melody-driven pop songs. After recording several tracks with Daniel Lovegrove of IDRchitecture and Yndi Halda, the group struck a deal with Brooklyn's PaperCup Music to release their self-titled, debut EP in 2015, which was met with some critical acclaim from the likes of the NME, DIY and Stereogum.

Their forthcoming follow-up, Nouvelle, was recorded at Bear Bites Horse studio and The Premises, in London, by Wayne Adams and Neil Tollitt, between summer 2015 and spring 2016. Nouvelle by name and by nature, the forthcoming release sees the band taking a heavier approach to their sound that blurs the lines between shoegaze, rock and chamber pop. Restrained passages evoke the stalking dread of early Cocteau Twins records, while more nuanced vocal lines call to mind the haunting falsetto of Billy Corgan and Jeff Buckley.

“Equal parts My Bloody Valentine and Smashing Pumpkins” - NME

“Deep pools of brilliant noise” – Stereogum

“…a heartbreaking explosion, like the demolition of a skyline-stealing skyscraper that was stinking out the city.” – DIY